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Year of creation: 2001.

Main book of Jedism: Star Wars.

Main prophet of Jedism: Yoda.

Headquarters / Capital in the Universe: Temple of the Jedi Order, in Texas.

Number of faithful around the world: 250,000

God of Jedism: The Force, as a manifestation of God.

Main symbols of Jedism: The Symbol of Jedism, also called the Alliance Firebird, is the same symbol as in the Star Wars Movie Saga, it refers to the Jedi Order.











The force


The base belief of Jedism is The Force, an entity that is also understood as an omnipresent metaphysical energy field that can be referred to as the nature of which the universe is made. Some members of the religion have mentioned that The Force is the manifestation of God, based on the monotheistic sense of the Abrahamic religions, although others emphasize that it can be a polarity of opposites with which they base the religion is a polytheistic cult. However, another important part of Jediism, considers that The Force, as an energy field, does not necessarily have to be a deity.


The Force is an energy field produced by microorganisms called "midichlorians". All living beings have midichlorians in their bodies to a greater or lesser extent. However, a small percentage of these are too high in concentration. These beings are known as "force-sensitive", and can voluntarily influence it. The relationship between the sensitive and the midichlorian is one of symbiosis, therefore, the midichlorian gives the sensitive some control over the force that potentially helps it in its survival. In doing so, they offer you the skills mentioned above. Even so, these abilities do not belong to the sensitive, contrary to what the users of the dark side think. While it is true that the Jedi have an ideology closer to this data, they attribute to the Force the role of a "higher entity" or a divinity. In short, the Force is a manifestation of a state of symbiosis between two species that occurs only in a small percentage of living beings in the galaxy.


Light Side: Jedi ideology.


"His Force a Jedi uses, for knowledge and defense. Never to attack." - Master Yoda

The Light Side of the Force is the element aligned with wisdom , nobility , peace and justice ; The Dark Side is not stronger than the Light Side, but it is faster to obtain, easier and more seductive, the Light Side makes its wearers stay in peace and harmony with everything around them, it is used focused on the justice and protection towards other beings in the galaxy . Jedi draw their Force power through peace and (emotionless) meditation. Those Jedi whose power in the Force is very intense, can fuse with is when they die, living as spirits for an indeterminate time.


The Jedi Code is detailed below as a curiosity:


There is no emotion , there is peace .
There is no ignorance , there is knowledge .
There is no passion , there is serenity .
There is no chaos , there is harmony .
There is no death , there is the Force.


Some famous practitioners of the Light Side were Master Yoda (leader of the Jedi Council), Master Mace Windu , Master Qui-Gon Jinn , Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (later named Ben Kenobi), Anakin Skywalker (the "chosen one" , turned into Darth Vader ), Luke Skywalker (Anakin's son), Rey Palpatine (trained by Luke and Leia), Master Kit Fisto , Plo Koon , and Masters Aayla Secura , Shaak Ti, and Luminara Undili .


Dark Side: Sith ideology.


"The Dark Side of the Force is the path to many abilities that some consider unnatural." - Darth Sidious


The Dark Side (called Dark Reverse in episodes IV and V) of the Force is the element aligned with evil , hatred , anger and revenge (feelings); it is used focused on the control , domination and extermination projected towards other beings in the galaxy . 3 The Sith obtain their power from the Force through emotions , especially passion , which is why they have great power, but this is sudden and fleeting. Although the Sith obtain power more quickly than the Jedi, the Dark Side exercises control and addiction over its followers, also gradually destroying their bodies . 4


• Code of the Sith.


"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

With passion, I get strength.

With strength, I gain power.

With power, I get victory.

With victory, my chains are broken.

The Force will set me free. "


Jedi preventive lesson to the dark side.


" Fear is the way to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger .
Anger leads to hatred .
Hatred leads to suffering.
And suffering on the dark side.
Beware of fear, young Padawan. "- Master Yoda


Among the most famous practitioners of the Dark Side is the Sith Lord Darth Sidious (leader of the ancient Sith Order ) and his disciples: Darth Maul , Darth Tyranus , Darth Vader and Mara Jade , other powerful Sith such as Darth Krayt (leader of the new Sith Order), Darth Bane (creator of "The Rule of Two"), Darth Malak , Darth Revan , Darth Nihilus "Lord of Hunger", Darth Traya "Mistress of Betrayal", Darth Sion "Lord of Pain" and Darth Plagueis "El Sabio" (Plagueis was Sidious's teacher), among others.


Main exponents:


Yoda was one of the most renowned and powerful  Jedi Masters throughout the history of  the Galaxy , and one of the few  Jedi  of the Galactic Republic  to survive until  Galactic Civil War . The most perceptive teacher  Order , he served as Grand Master during the  clone wars  and the foundation of  Galactic Empire , after which he escaped to hide from the  Great Jedi Purge . Although Yoda was one of the most respected members of the Order, he was not perfect. It was partially due to his shortsightedness that the Jedi Order was destroyed by the  sith lord  Darth Sidious , and the Republic replaced by the Empire. Still, he would correct his mistakes by playing an important role in the later galactic events, training  Luke Skywalker  during the Galactic Civil War. After his death in the  4 ABY , became one with  the Force .

Anakin Skywalker was a legendary  Jedi Knight  human , who served the  Galactic Republic  during the last days of this, and later, became the  sith lord  Darth Vader. He was the son of  Shmi Skywalker . During his adult life, he became the secret husband of the  Senator  Padme Amidala  from  Naboo , and the father of the legendary  Jedi 's  Luke Skywalker  Y  Leia Organa Solo . He was also the grandfather of  Ben Skywalker ,  Jaina ,  Jacen , and  Anakin Solo . He was the great-great-grandfather of  Allana , and ancestor of  nat ,  Kol , and  Cade Skywalker .


Padmé Amidala of Naboo (born Padmé Naberrie , known as Her Royal Highness, Queen Amidala of Naboo .


Leia Organa Solo (born Leia Amidala Skywalker ) was at various stages in her life  political , revolutionary and  Jedi Lady  of the New Jedi Order . daughter of  Jedi General  Anakin Skywalker  and the senator  Padme Amidala  from  Naboo , Leia was the twin sister of Luke Skywalker , and shortly after her birth she became the adopted daughter of  Bail Prestor Organa  and the queen  Breha Antilles Organa de  Alderaan , turning it into  Princess  from Alderaan.


Han Solo was arrogant  Corellian  With a wry wit, dry humor, a sometimes reckless disposition, and technological savvy, he began his career as  smuggler  around the  10 BBY . He had several employers, had a short military career, and met and befriended  Chewbacca . He was the captain of the  Millenium Falcon  and he also had enough bounties on his head during the  Galactic Civil War  against his wishes due to his meeting with  Luke Skywalker  Y  Obi-Wan Kenobi . He later became  general  of the  rebel alliance  and finally know  case  with Leia Organa , with whom he had three children,  JainaJacen  Y  Anakin .


Darth Vader is the main antagonist character in the original trilogy of the Star Wars cinematic saga.

Originally appears in the episodes  IV ,  v  Y  VI ; the transformation of  Anakin Skywalker  in Darth Vader is portrayed in the episode  III . In addition, he appears in the wide-ranging series of novels, plays, and  comic books  of  Expanded Universe .

The original trilogy depicts the character as a fearsome  cyborg , disciple of  Darth Sidious , the Emperor, who carries out a brutal oppression in the  galaxy  against the activists of the  Rebel Alliance . The prequel trilogy depicts him as a slave boy  called  Anakin Skywalker  who becomes heroic  Jedi Knight  in the  Clone Wars . That's when he falls to the dark side of the Force.  after Palpatine (Darth Sidious) manipulated him into betraying the Jedi to overthrow the  Galactic Republic . In episode VI, Vader redeems himself (seeing his son  Luke Skywalker  being tortured by the emperor) to help destroy the Empire, sacrificing himself in the process and ultimately fulfilling his destiny as the chosen one.


The first who explained to us and demonstrated what the force is is also one of the most beloved Jedi: Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi. He is the one who takes over from Qui-Gon Jinn and trains the young Anakin Skywalker to become a Jedi Knight.

Although he ceased to be his apprentice, they continued to carry out missions together, so Obi-Wan became something of an older brother. That person who guides you, helps you and, why not, defends you with a lightsaber.


Luke Skywalker. The story of the young farmer turned Master and the Last Jedi is also known worldwide. From his chance encounter with R2-D2 and C3-PO in Episode IV, to his final confrontation with Kylo Ren in Episode VIII. Furthermore, it was Luke who rescued his father from the Dark Side and helped him fulfill the prophecy: bring balance to the force by defeating the Emperor.

Dagobah System. After what  Darth Vader  will hunt and kill almost all  Jedi , the  Jedi Master  Yoda  took refuge in the swamps of a planet in the Dagobah system, where the large amount of life on the planet allowed him to hide from the  Emperor Palpatine . In  The Empire Strikes Back  Luke Skywalker  is visited on the frozen planet of  Hoth  by the spirit of  Obi-Wan Kenobi , who tells him that he has to meet Yoda on Dagobah so that he can teach him how to be a Jedi.

Basic principles of Jediism :

The main objective of his philosophy is focused on obtaining the maximum power of the Force, but they also seek to equip human beings with it, from internal tools so that the being cannot succumb to the attractive and striking figure of the Dark Side .  

In other words, this philosophy consists of the control of thought and in this sense, of emotions, mind and feelings prior to performing any action. In this way, the being can dedicate himself to obtaining wisdom from deep meditations. Jedi philosophy also centers on devotion and obedience to the will of The Force.  

From a very young age, the members are taught about external loyalties, feelings and their power to hinder the obligations they have as a Jedi, since they cannot be completely carried away by what they feel and be subjected to attachments towards objects or people. The Jedi must show himself noble and loyal before The Force , but also before his superiors, which in this case takes place in the Jedi Council.  

Jedi Rules

There are 6 basic and fundamental rules for the Jedi, these are:  

  • Loyalty and respect eternally to The Force

  • respect to the galaxy

  • The control

  • The education

  • Teaching

  • The lighting

The 21 Maxims of Jediism  

It is a series of aspects that the Jedi must put into practice to lead a path in harmony with the Force and in peace with the community, as one of his main purposes in his search for serenity in the world.  

Value: excellence must always be sought. The Jedi strives to strengthen his experiences and skills at all times for everything he does, and in this sense, he can use it in the best possible way and never for a benefit that only concerns him individually. Achieving value requires patience, discipline and practice.  

Justice: the path of good must always be sought. The Jedi is not subject to prejudice, much less to individual interests. He knows that justice can have two sides, one is focused on protecting the weak and the other on prosecuting based on values. In this way, the Jedi tolerates and does not judge what does not cause any harm to give space to justice.  

Loyalty: You must have faith in your Jedi brothers and sisters. The Jedi is faithful to his own teachings, but also to the concepts he learns along the way, in this way he can always serve those who are interested in learning about the Force and Jediism. In this way, the Jedi remains true to his path and to the Order to which he belongs.  

Defense: The Jedi path must be defended. The Jedi understands that by becoming a part of the religion of Jediism, they must swear to uphold not only their faith, but everything they do to keep it alive.  

Courage: you must have strength and will. The Jedi knows that his path is not easy, but he must always be certain that he has taken the right path, the right decision and the right side. Thus, the Jedi must forget about fear, uncertainty and regret in his Jedi path, knowing the distinction between weakness and courage that he has.  

Faith: The ways of the Force must be trusted. The Jedi knows that the paths established by the Force may seem strange at times, but he must always trust and know his place in it and the task he performs. Trust the Force at all costs.  

Humility: the ego must be accepted for what it is. The Jedi should never brag or brag about everything he has achieved, since he recognizes each achievement or each victory as a reward that he receives after his path and his learning process.  

Fearless: you should not build your own limits. The Jedi must not impose limits on himself, since the fear he generates only manages to hinder him from doing what he must do. You must learn to put aside your fears by surrendering to the Force and never feel ashamed or hide your failures when they occur, because you must recognize and admit them.  

Nobility: one must act with honor. The Jedi must not be involved in untrustworthy, negative, evil, or questionable activities. Thus, you should always act taking into account your distinction and influence over others, becoming a reliable and convincing example for those who follow you in Jediism.  

Honesty: lies should be avoided. The Jedi is an honest person with himself and with others, he is driven by a desire to go beyond appearances to follow the truth. There can be no honesty within the Jedi if it is not accompanied by the wisdom and knowledge to identify what is true.  

Pure motive: one must act with motive and objective. The actions that are carried out have no meaning if they are not guided by a goal and carried out with a solid motive, since they do not have a destination to which they are directed. While the Jedi moves with the Force, they must also trust its ways and base their actions on deep motivation.  

Discipline: it must be understood that the self is the only master of the self. The Jedi's mind must remain peaceful, free from any emotion or subjection to external stimuli that interfere with its core activities or actions.  

Focus: Prioritize what is most important. A Jedi must focus on the activity he is carrying out, but he is always aware of the past and likewise, distrusts the influence that the present has on the future, because, based on the discipline he carries, he can identify the way to select his priorities and work on them.  

Discretion: must become invisible. The Jedi understands that there are times and spaces arranged for all things, therefore he does not seek to interfere in worldly affairs and manages to refrain from getting involved in one way or another with people or even with organizations if he does not consider it necessary.  

Meditation: the mind must be constantly exercised. The Jedi practices meditation on a regular basis in order to be able to assess his life's motivations and in this regard, not unleash undesirable emotions, passion, or ignorance in his actions. The Jedi uses meditation to gain focus, maintain patience, or improve attention.


Training: you must know your own ignorance. The Jedi is aware of his emotions, of his limitations, but he is also aware of his own ignorance, since he is constantly learning since he understands that there is always something to learn, thus, he remains in search of lessons every day.


Integrity: You must be consistent. The Jedi must remain in his faith and in the Order, for the Jedi lives as a Jedi during every moment of his life, he is not a suit that he takes off and puts on again. For the Jedi, one of his worst enemies is hypocrisy.  

Morality: the danger of belief must be known. The Jedi is aware of how contradictory beliefs about what is right and what is wrong have a great influence on conflicts and negative situations, so he seeks to move away from the subjectivity of opinion based on well-being, harmony and the peace of the community. Likewise, the Jedi does not intend to force their values and beliefs on those of others.  

Conflict: You must know when to fight. Although the Jedi is on the Light Side of the Force, he knows the nature of the Dark Side, but also the conflicting part of the Force and its serenity, so a Jedi does not seek to enter into confrontations without knowing and his only motivation is to achieve a benefit for the community, because it is their priority.  

Intervention: You must know when not to act. The Jedi is aware of the impact of inaction, as well as self-action and some of the best lessons, which are self-taught and influence as well. It is understood that being an overcomer also implies using the achievement to benefit those who require it. In this way, the Jedi intervenes when his participation is necessary.


Harmony: must be connected to the Force. The Jedi, in his quest to live in peace and harmony with his surroundings, must also focus on connecting with the Force, since it represents the reason for being a Jedi. Only the Force allows the Jedi to be able to understand its forms and to know the role that it plays in it.

Brief description of Jediism.

The Jedi Church of The Force and​​ international ministry of the Jedi religion, Jediism and the Jedi way of life are  considered as an interreligious movement inspired by the Star Wars movies, a saga that was written by George Lucas. The writer of the films mentioned that he was fundamentally inspired by three essential religions for the development of the story: Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism and Celtism. Jediism, as a religion, is established as a way of life that can be adopted by anyone regardless of their origin or previous creed, since Jedi philosophies, principles, teachings and ideals can be applied to current life.


pantheistic religion  

Although the interpretation of The Force as an entity varies depending on the tradition and the Jedi practitioner who accepts it, the position that has been accepted by the majority is the pantheistic one, in which everything that exists is a universal mystery that is in itself , the manifestation of God.  

On the other hand, as it is not recognized, many question whether it is truly a religion. The followers find in Jediism the answers that they do not find in other religions or creeds, this is fundamentally based on the fact that it is considered that established religions cannot generate answers to the modern world, it is here that Jediism finds its place as a moral concept, religious and philosophical appeal.  

A large part of the followers of the Star Wars saga express their intention to follow a naturalistic religion where harmony and peace govern life, recognizing the universe as the manifestation of all the connection with The Force.  



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